Assistive Devices

Algol Trehab offers a wide selection of assistive devices for smoothing everyday life. The products we represent are selected from the best on the market, and we take long-term responsibility for their functionality long into the future.

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Our assistive devices are divided into the following categories

Moving aids

We offer a wide selection of moving aids for both temporary and long-term use supplied by leading manufacturers. In addition to a full range of wheelchairs, we also supply walkers, rollators, transport chairs and electric mopeds.

Because all people are different and live in a variety of environments, every personalised moving aid solution is unique. Our expert staff help customers select exactly the right product for their own needs.

Posture aids

Posture aids facilitate breathing and blood circulation while also helping to prevent joint misalignment and skin lesions. Specially designed cushions help find a comfortable position and help prevent pressure ulcers.

Positioning cushions offer excellent support for different body positions and are ideal also for defining spaces and growing body awareness. The same cushion can be used for supporting sitting, lying down and standing up.

In addition to positioning cushions, our range of posture aids also includes weighted blankets.

Children’s aids

Well-designed aids offer children comprehensive and pleasant support while also enhancing their freedom of movement. A balanced and correctly supported posture encourages children to explore their environments and helps them participate in everyday activities.

Our selection of children’s aids includes a wide range of products by leading suppliers designed to support mobility, washing, transportation, posture and activities. These include specially designed frames and bases, changing tables, walking aids and frames, transport chairs and wheelchairs, strollers, standing frames, bathroom aids, swimming aids and various body support aids.

Sitting aids

Many people who use wheelchairs regularly on a daily basis require special cushions to prevent joint misalignment and pressure ulcers.  All our seat cushions and back supports are specially designed for people who use wheelchairs for extended periods.

We also supply functional and ergonomic medical chairs that are designed to support the work abilities of people with reduced mobility and to help them live independently, but they are also ideally suited for office use.

Our selection of sitting aids includes pressure relief cushions, seat cushions, medical chairs, postural backrests and patient chairs.

Hygiene aids

Shower chairs, shower trolleys and WC aids are designed to help people with reduced mobility wash and take care of their daily hygiene. A high degree of adjustability, optimal ergonomics and easy-to-clean materials make these hygiene aids pleasant to use for both patients and caregivers.

Our selection of hygiene aids includes wheeled shower chairs, shower trolleys, WC aids, and footcare, nailcare and haircare aids.

Lifting and transferring aids

We supply lifting and transferring aids that are designed for simple and safe lifting and transferring of disabled persons, for example at care homes, hospitals or in the home. We offer a wide range of overhead and sit-to-stand lifts and accessories that can be tailored to the meet the needs of individual users and spaces, as well as specially designed textiles and sheets that make it easy to move patients or help them get comfortable.

Our selection of lifting and transferring aids includes sit-to-stand lifts, overhead lifts, sliding sheets, lift sheets, lifting accessories, and aids for transferring and rotating.

XL aids

XL aids are designed for significantly overweight people. These products are manufactured from strong materials and have extra large dimensions. These high-quality and durable aids also facilitate the work of caregivers.

Our selection of XL aids includes products that facilitate mobility, washing and transferring patients.

Small aids

We supply a wide range of safe and durable accessories and small aids that facilitate eating, dressing, washing, medicating and other daily routines.